Dan Anthony

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Dan Anthony and his wife Debbie, have three children, seven grandchildren, and two greatgrandchildren. Dan is a graduate of Lindsay High School, of the Sunset School of Preaching, and of Berean Christian College. He has a Bachelor of Ministries degree, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Dan has been a youth minister; A Director of summer camps, and a Mission leader. He has been a pulpit minister in Oklahoma, Texas, & New Mexico. Dan is a teacher, and is a favorite of high school teenagers, everywhere…having received the, Who’s Who in American Teachers Award.

Dan taught the Bible at Oklahoma Christian Schools (OCS) for 16 years and helped to develop the 7th grade thru 12th grade, high school curriculum. The classes he taught were: Old Testament History, World Religions, and Apologetics/Christian Evidence (Reasoned arguments to defend the Christian Faith/Gospel). Dan retired from OCS and was asked to coach the Lincoln/Douglas Debate Team at Crossings Church in Edmond, where he was the debate coach for 5 years at Crossings Community Schools, leading his debate team to win the state championship, for multiple years.

Dan taught his debate students how to defend the legitimacy of the Christian Faith and how to use Apologetics to defend the Gospel. He has worked with Gospel Singing Camps, teaching students to sing and write gospel songs. He plays and teaches the guitar and has composed hundreds of songs.

Dan is a strong believer in taking the Gospel of Christ to the streets, and to the world, and intends to work tirelessly in the local Crescent community, teaching and preaching the Word of God…as absolute truth!

Church Secretary

Beverly Woods

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                                                The joy of the Lord is my strength!


Dennis Bilyeu

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I have served the Lord at First Christian Church since 1960, teaching Junior High, High School, adults, and serving as a Deacon and Elder. I have been married 54 years, I have three (3) children, nine (9) grandchildren and four (4) great-grandchildren.


Chris Christensen

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“Child of the Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Husband to an awesome wife! Dad to an amazing daughter and son. Grand-dad to two really cool grand-dogs!”




Harold Murray

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Billy Root

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"He is I am and I am because he is."


Lynn Tarrant


Youth Director

Cara Cox

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High School Sunday School Teachers

Clint & Jessica Young

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Childrens Ministry

Calen Cox

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Nursery Director

Ashley Sperry

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Worship Leader

Jeanette Blevins

  May 2022  
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